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*Please Note: Bottles cannot be dropped off at our offices.

BottleWorks offers residential home pick-ups for Ottawa residents looking to donate their empty alcohol bottles, cans, and containers. BottleWorks can issue a tax receipt for the value of the bottles donated* and you can feel good knowing that your empties are helping charity and supporting youth facing barriers to employment gain paid work experience, develop skills, and receive support to make a brighter future for themselves. 

To schedule a pick-up, simply fill out our residential pick-up request form and a BottleWorks team member will contact you to schedule a day to come pick-up your empties. On your scheduled day, you can leave your bottles on your porch or driveway, or bring them out when the team arrives. The team will pack them up, and haul them off to be processed at our facilities and returned to The Beer Store™, it's that easy.

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Requested Minimums

Residential pick-ups have different requested minimums depending on where you are located. If you live in:

The Green Zone (marked by the green border), a minimum of 50 containers is requested for a pick-up.

The Blue Zone  (marked by the blue border),  a minimum of 120 containers is requested for a pick-up.

The Orange Zone  (marked by the orange border)   a minimum of 200 containers is requested for a pick-up.

120 Min.

50 Min.

200 Min.

If you don't have enough containers for a pick-up, you can bring them to any one of our bottle drives that take place throughout the city each month. Altenratively, you can partner with some of your neighbours to collect enough containers together for a residential pick-up.


What We Accept

BottleWorks accepts all empty alcohol containers >100ml including glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans, tetra pacs, & wine bags that were sold in Ontario. BottleWorks does not accept any other empty containers including soda, sparkling water, or non-alcoholic beer, as they are not eligible for an ODR return by The Beer Store™. 

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How To Best Sort And Package Your Donation

The best way to prepare your empties are sorted into three categories: large bottles (over 630ml, ex. typical wine & spirit bottles), small bottles (typical beer and cooler bottles) and cans. Placing the large bottles in one set of boxes (even if it's not full), small bottles in another set of boxes, & cans in transparent bags (clear, blue etc.) are the best way to sort the bottles for our teams when they arrive. If you're unable to sort your empties in this way though, we are still grateful for all empty donations and will sort them when we arrive. Our teams have boxes, bags, and all the neccesary tools to collect your empties.

Pick-Up Request Form

Consider Inviting Your Neighbours to Donate with you

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