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Donate your empty alcohol bottles today to support homeless and at-risk youth in our community

Registered Commercial Haulers With The Beer Store™


BottleWorks is a social enterprise that employs youth facing barriers to employment in collecting empty alcohol bottles donated from businesses, residents, and bottle drives across Ottawa. BottleWorks can issue a charitable tax receipt for the value of the empties donated. The revenue generated by the social enterprise goes towards paid rotation-based employment of the youth, vocational skills development, and social supports. 100% of profits go towards the many programs and services offered by Operation Come Home.

While learning skills such as punctuality, team work, initiative, and customer service, youth are paired with a social support worker who work together on the truck each day. Youth are able to bond with the social support workers and discuss issues as they go from stop to stop, as well as crack jokes and learn about the day to day intricacies and experiences of employment. BottleWorks social support staff also work with youth in building their resumes, finding future employment, and work to overcome other obstacles that they may be facing.

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Youth Employees

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Commercial Partners

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Residential Pick-Ups

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Bottle Drives

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Empty Alcohol Containers Collected Since Jan. 1st 2024

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Empty Alcohol Containers Collected in 2023

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